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Our Story

The 11+ journey is not an easy one. Pupils sit various examination boards which requires a deep knowledge of verbal reasoning, maths and non verbal reasoning. Verbal reasoning is the most challenging one depending on the type of papers the pupils sit. GL Assessment based exams cover a traditional set of verbal reasoning types (known as the 21 IPS/NFER types), English topics such as comprehension, cloze, spelling and punctuation. CEM structures their papers based on individually timed sections with different answer sheet structures.

Elevenology is your one-stop-shop providing you and your child everything you need to maximise your child's chances of successfully passing the 11 plus exam. From the time you attend an open day with us, to the time you are offered a secondary school place, our team will be there to support you and your child at every stage.  Our experienced 11+ tutors will motivate and inspire your children to want to succeed.

Our Story

Courses and Workshops

​Our courses have been designed to:

  • prepare a pupil to sit an 11+ exam (GL and CEM), an Independent entry test and/or any of the super-selective grammar schools such as Henrietta Barnet, QE, Tiffin, etc.​

  • TEACH the pupil every single topic from the reasoning areas (English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning) using our unique methods and approaches such as wizTeach™ Comprehension 6 Step Approach.

  • regularly test pupils on a weekly basis to measure knowledge retention, identify any areas to be revisited and provide tailored work.

  • record and monitor the pupils' performance against our wizTeach™ Progressive Stepper™ which is used to track how the pupil's knowledge growth rate during his/her 11+ preparation.

  • provide parents with workshops that enable them to learn important facts such as the 11+ registration process, the counties grammar school allocation process, the appeal process and more.

THE EXAM & RESULTS DAY - Preparing for the BIG day.

Our team, in addition to teaching the subject areas, will teach exam techniques and approaches for pupils to tackle the typical exam mistakes that pupils make during tests. The team will also:

  • provide continuous updates regarding when to register for the 11+ exam by publishing dates, times, web sites to all of our parents.


  • present an exam day walk through so that parents know exactly what to expect on exam day. This enables parents to support their child physically, mentally and emotionally to face the exam with confidence.


  • arrange mocks throughout the year so that every child becomes used to the exam environment.  Our mocks are set up so that the children experience real exam conditions so that when the actual exam approaches, they feel prepared and confident to do their very best.


  • recognise the efforts and hard work of every child at the Elevenology farewell party with a fun day for the children and an awards ceremony.



Pupils experience the most progressive 11 plus mock papers available in the UK designed using unique examination techniques from the top universities in the USA and UK. The mock papers have been designed from scratch using various methodologies and frameworks to suit any entry test.


All the pupils will be exposed to:

  • a TRUE reflection of an 11+ process. Parents and Pupils will experience what an 11+ exam day will look like from arriving at the registration desks to receiving a detailed performance report. Pupils learn early on the importance of arriving on time, following instructions and having all the required material with them, all of which will prepare them for the real day. All our pupils have told us how easy it was for them to face the real test with confidence, belief and a positive attitude.

  • time and complexity pressures. The papers have been designed to test the pupils through a 'progressive' mock level to train them to work under time pressure - especially when dealing with comprehension passages and word problems - and learning how to cope physically and mentally when they experience a brain-freeze. Exam techniques are as important as their knowledge in answering as many questions as possible to maximise their chance of passing the test.

  • performing among a large number of pupils. The average 11+ sitting is about 80 pupils. Our mocks range between 200-250 pupils per sitting providing our pupils with the same testing conditions found in an 11 plus examination hall. The more mocks pupils sit the better, they will be able to overcome fear, anxiety and nervousness.

​Parents will receive feedback on:

  • their child's performance through a detailed report. The team provides reports that show pupils' performance based on our wizTeach™ Progressive Stepper™, used to identify the weaknesses the pupils need to address before sitting the next mock, and within the cohort which provides the parents with an accurate picture of their child's performance compared to the other pupils.

  • the individual areas of the mock papers where the child needs to improve. The child may need to revisit specific concepts, practice on the exam techniques and/or work on time management. The reports will outline the good, the bad and the ugly so that parents will have a good idea of how their child is progressing through their 11+ preparation.

Our Team

Your child will have a team of experts to support them on their tuition journey.  Our team works cohesively to ensure the smooth running of classes and mock events. Our teachers are supported in the classroom by an assistant to enable them to solely teach. The assistant deals with all the admin tasks, homework marking and escorting the children in and out of the building to ensure their safety at collection and drop off times.

Our goal is to allow every ‘eligible’ child the chance of passing any 11+ tests, transforming their lives through knowledge, motivation and inspiration.

Our team of teachers will make every effort, going beyond the typical needs of the 11plus, to ensure that pupils are motivated, stimulated, confident and ready to sit any examination paper. Through preparation, teaching, testing and monitoring, the pupils follow a rigorous structure of study that will enable them to confidently face any tests and carry these unique skills into their future education.

All of our teachers are trained on all the elements of the wizTeach™ methodology. Everyone in the team holds academic degrees from various universities specialising in the subjects of English and Maths, as well as possessing a high level of expertise in verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

The Elevenology team members are all DBS Enhanced checked.

Our Team


"An amazing team of professionals dedicated to getting the absolute best out of your children.
I’m personally so grateful for the care, attention and dedication they gave my child over the last year. They were amazing"

Harpreet Heran


"Be prepared to be totally amazed by this fabulous team, Elevenology will be the best thing you ever do for your child! There is no other company and no better teachers than Yusuf and Faheem. This experience has changed my sons' life forever! Thank you for believing in my child and nurturing him. These are the best teachers I have ever met. You will be so glad you did it!!"

Sally Stamato


"I can't recommend them enough. They are motivational, inspiring, understanding, and knowledgeable. My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since she started. Everyone can teach the content of the 11+, but the way in which is taught is so important and these guys have nailed it. I can't thank them enough!"

Sabina Dhanji


"Amazing results for my daughter. A journey which began in Jan 2017 has seen Dani grow from strength to strength to achieve an exceptionally good result. Can’t thank you enough Elevenology team. You are truly a family. You were so concerned of each and every student. You walked with us all the way. And all the parents were touched by your good work. Keep up the good work and God bless you mightily. Your belief in our children was remarkable. I highly recommend you!"

Jecinta Chiuri


"Exceeded our expectations. Professional teaching with an amazing sense of pastoral care. The team have an uncanny ability to inspire, meaning the kids seem to actually ENJOY doing the extra work (and believe me, it's A LOT of work). I like the way that the cost includes ALL material (books, bag, even pens!). No hidden extras and the mock exams are extremely beneficial, and are scheduled at the right time. To top it all, they also put on a great "wrap party" to give the kids something to look forward to after the 11+. Thanks team for making what could be a tough experience for kids and parents alike, actually a fulfilling and rewarding experience that - whatever result of the 11+ - will stay with my son for the rest of his life"

James Pargeter


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