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Pupils are introduced to the world of 11+, learning the basic building-blocks required such as study habits, planned schedules, and regular homework routine.


The beginning of the 11+ tuition journey, learning the foundation skills for the later demands of the exam course, through hands-on construction activities developing spatial and visual awareness which lead into more formal teaching of non-verbal reasoning in the following years. Developing good listening and verbal reasoning skills; knowledge and understanding of spelling rules; organisational skills; problem solving techniques and word play are all part of the preparation for the rigours of Y4. 

Course Info

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How will this course benefit my child?


The course will:

  • Teach through a well structured, systematic and tailored process

  • Empower the children with interactive learning aids, tools and targeted material

  • Be approached using new and innovative teaching methods and practices

  • Cultivate knowledge and skills for achieving 11+ status and beyond

  • Help all children stay focused, motivated and stress-free

What's next?


This is just the beginning. The Elevenogy Journey continues and will guide your kids into even more incredible improvements.

Year 4 awaits for all your children!

Is this course suitable for my child?


If you are looking for incredible teaching, guidance and preparation for your child, you are in the perfect place. We look for no previous experience and welcome everyone.

We are looking forward to meet you soon! 

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