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Pupils start developing their knowledge of English, verbal and non verbal reasoning and Maths through a unique and proven structured thought process.


This next level is an invaluable foundation for children in Year 4 who wish to take the 11 plus exam. The course instills a sense of responsibility in students for their studies and the confidence to become independent thinkers and inquisitive learners. They develop a speed and urgency of working, a healthy competitive spirit and begin to learn all the aspects of the 11+ course without the pressure of a formal examination. Extending vocabulary and honing mental arithmetic accuracy is taught alongside formal grammar rules and numerical reasoning techniques. Weekly tests are given and students learn to manage a timetable of home-study tasks which reinforce and consolidate work completed in class. 

Course Info

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How will this course benefit my child?


The course will:

  • Grasp a vocabulary range through our wizTeach™ Dictionary Level I, which will enable them to develop a strong set of comprehension and reading skills.

  • Unleash their reading potential through a selection of books, newspapers, articles, etc. to teach them how to interpret the information through group discussions and ideas-sharing.

  • Increase their mathematical, logical and mental reasoning skills focusing on basic algebra and geometry to data handling and investigation-solving methods.

  • Dive into the first three methods of non-verbal reasoning of codes, similarities/isomorphic, and series elements in abstract-style designs.

  • Encompass a set of new learning and studying habits for life.

What's next?


In year 5 pupils continue to master their reasoning skills and are taught specialised exam methods and techniques to help them cope with time and stress management.

Is this course suitable for my child?


If you are looking for incredible teaching, guidance and preparation for your child, you are in the perfect place. We look for no previous experience and welcome everyone.

We are looking forward to meet you soon! 

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