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A set of courses for pupils requiring additional support on targeted subject areas that include unique methods, techniques, approaches and mock exams best practices.


The course will focus on targeted reasoning areas such as:

  • English Comprehension - covering genres of fiction, non-fiction and poetry

  • Verbal Reasoning - covers a variety of types using detailed methods and techniques

  • Numerical Reasoning - covers all the major topics that appear in a typical 11 plus syllabus

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Awareness - covers both traditional and modern types using our NVR-Framework.


  • Includes all materials uniquely developed for this course which are not available in the Advanced Course.

  • The course will conclude with a mock exam that will test the pupils on what they have learnt during the course.

  • The teachers will go through the mock in detail to help the pupils identify any gaps that they will need to work on.


  • For pupils who are Currently in Year 5.

  • The courses take place during school holiday terms: Easter break, May Half-term and Summer Holiday.

  • The course is available only in our Milton Keynes Centre.

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