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Pupils experience the most progressive 11 plus mock papers available in the UK designed using unique examination techniques from the top universities in the USA and UK. The mock papers have been designed from scratch using various methodologies and frameworks to suit any entry test.


All the pupils will be exposed to:

  • A TRUE reflection of an 11+ process. Parents and Pupils will experience what an 11+ exam day will look like from arriving at the registration desks to receiving a detailed performance report. Pupils learn early on the importance of arriving on time, following instructions and having all the required material with them, all of which will prepare them for the real day. All our pupils have told us how easy it was for them to face the real test with confidence, belief and a positive attitude.

  • Time and complexity pressures. The papers have been designed to test the pupils through a 'progressive' mock level to train them to work under time pressure - especially when dealing with comprehension passages and word problems - and learning how to cope physically and mentally when they experience a brain-freeze. Exam techniques are as important as their knowledge in answering as many questions as possible to maximise their chance of passing the test.

  • Performing among a large number of pupils. The average 11+ sitting is about 80 pupils. Our mocks range between 200-250 pupils per sitting providing our pupils with the same testing conditions found in an 11 plus examination hall. The more mocks pupils sit the better, they will be able to overcome fear, anxiety and nervousness.

​Parents will receive feedback on:

  • Their child's performance through a detailed report. The team provides reports that show pupils' performance based on our wizTeach™ Progressive Stepper™, used to identify the weaknesses the pupils need to address before sitting the next mock, and within the cohort which provides the parents with an accurate picture of their child's performance compared to the other pupils.

  • The individual areas of the mock papers where the child needs to improve. The child may need to revisit specific concepts, practice on the exam techniques and/or work on time management. The reports will outline the good, the bad and the ugly so that parents will have a good idea of how their child is progressing through their 11+ preparation.

  • They and their pupils will be able to review the FULL papers online. This is a major benefit for sitting our mocks to review and attempt again any questions they have answered incorrectly.


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