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Specialised in-house GL 11+ papers testing pupils at the highest levels to provide a 'Real First-hand Experience" of an 11+ examination from start to end.


Pupils are introduced to the world of 11+, learning the basic building-blocks required such as study habits, planned schedules, and regular homework routine.

Child Model


Pupils start developing their knowledge of English, verbal and non verbal reasoning and Maths through a unique and proven structured thought process.

Child Model


Pupils continue to master their reasoning skills and are taught specialised exam methods and techniques to help them cope with time and stress management.

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About Us

Elevenology is your one-stop-shop providing you and your child everything you need to maximise your child's chances of successfully passing the 11 plus exam. From the time you attend an open day with us, to the time you are offered a secondary school place, our team will be there to support you and your child at every stage.  Our experienced 11+ tutors will motivate and inspire your children to want to succeed.

What parents say


Harpreet Heran, Parent

"An amazing team of professionals dedicated to getting the absolute best out of your children.
I’m personally so grateful for the care, attention and dedication they gave my child over the last year. They were amazing"

Sabina Dhanji, Parent

"I can't recommend them enough. They are motivational, inspiring, understanding, and knowledgeable. My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since she started. Everyone can teach the content of the 11+, but the way in which is taught is so important and these guys have nailed it. I can't thank them enough!"







"Our aim is to provide the very best 11 plus preparation for every child within a caring environment where everyone is supported, motivated and mentored"

Faheem Safdar

Co-founder and CEO


Elevenology was created with the pupil in mind.   A pupil that needs to be nurtured, guided and knowledge instilled in them so they are ready to face anything in life with an open mind and to believe that “Nothing is Impossible!”

Yusuf Ali

Co-founder and CTO

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